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College of Education for girls honors one of its professors who have the title of professorship

In the presence of Prof. Mohsen Al-Dhulmi, President of the University of Kufa, the Deanship of the College of Education for Girls held a scientific lecture in honor of Dr. Abdul Rasul Al-Ghaffari, in the Department of Arabic Language on the occasion of his receiving the title of Professorship and appreciation for his academic and academic achievements. Girls . Dr. Abbas Al-Faham, Dean of the College, delivered a speech in which he said that the University of Kufa is an incubator of intellectual and educational creations and has always promoted a prosperous scientific and cultural future by embracing the comprehensive development of advanced research. Al-Fahim also thanked the President of the University and his keenness to honor the professors and researchers who have obtained scientific titles. Dr. Abbas Al-Faham stressed the need to create a state of harmony and development in the level of teaching between the professor and the student armed with science and knowledge. On the sidelines of the ceremony, Dr. Ghaffari’s biography and a scientific lecture entitled “The Role of the Forerunner in the Methodology of the Hadith and Its Impact on the Islamic Heritage,” was presented to the stages of modernizing the Hadith during the first three centuries of our Hijri history. And their contributions in the preservation of Islamic heritage, and their serious contribution in the codification and the accompanying steps to draw us the methodology used in the classification of their assets and books from the beginning of the codification of the Hadith in the first century AH until the emergence of modern mosques in the third century. After the lecture, he presented to the distinguished professor the university order and a certificate of appreciation by the president of the university and the dean of the college in gratitude to the professor Dr. Abdul Rasool al-Ghafari for what he presented during his research and academic career.

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